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If you want to become a Pyramining member you need to find a sponsor. To select your sponsor you must have an active referral link. Referral links do expire, so in case your first click won't work, try again. After a referral link is successfully selected, you will be able to join and you will start earning +10% on your deposited amount.

30% of your income will be sent upwards: 15% of your income will be sent to your sponsor. 7.5% to the 2nd grade sponsor and 7.5% to the 3rd grade sponsor.
If any upper grade sponsor's account are complete, the % that would have been credited to him it's credited to the first active upper grade sponsor through the top of the tree. If all upper grade sponsors' accounts have been completed, this amount will be credited to you. Pyramining FAQ

If you join Pyramining through the blue button above, your account will be at the second level of hierarchy and so you will save 15% of your income (~18% of time).

See the section Mastering Pyramining to get more info about Pyramining and become a better investor as well as to maximize your profit.